Shaping Tomorrow, Investing Today.

At Kapita, we are leading architects of impact in the dynamic investment landscape. Our focus is on sustainable and profitable investments that not only generate economic returns but also promote a positive impact on society and the environment. Our dedication to shaping a successful investment environment extends beyond traditional entrepreneurship and into the realm of purpose-driven investments.

By carefully selecting and allocating our resources, we strive to create deeply positive outcomes for the companies we invest in. We are not just investors; we are committed partners in the sustainable growth journey of companies. By supporting innovative businesses, we guide them towards a meaningful and sustainable future. Join Kapita and be a part of our passionate commitment to positive transformation.


To be the pioneer in innovative and sustainable investments.


We want to be a leader in introducing new and creative approaches to investments. For that, Kapita places a significant emphasis on sustainable investing, suggesting a commitment to environmentally and socially responsible investment practices. Our vision is to be the leading force in creating a world where investors experience unparalleled transparency, reliability, and commitment, ultimately achieving their financial goals with confidence.


To build a trustworthy investor platform meeting financial goals with dedication.


Our mission at Kapita is to build lasting and meaningful relationships with our partners, including investors and stakeholders. We are dedicated to fostering an environment of trust and transparency, where every individual's financial aspirations are met with skillful guidance and unwavering commitment. We strive to create a reliable platform that not only meets the immediate financial needs of our clients, but also empowers them with tailored investment strategies for sustained, long-term success.


To continually delivering superior results and increase value for customers.


Kapita's goal is to maintain a consistent track record of delivering superior results, always striving to enhance value for our customers. Our approach is rooted in continuous innovation and adaptability, allowing us to navigate the ever-changing landscape of market challenges and opportunities. We are dedicated to remaining responsive, ensuring that we not only meet but exceed customer expectations, fostering sustained growth and success through a commitment to excellence.


To provide tailored investment strategies for long-term client success and value creation.


Our core commitment is to provide customized investment strategies for long-term success and client value. We aspire to establish a transparent platform, setting industry standards for excellence. Our goal is to be the trusted partner for investors, guiding them with expertise and fostering enduring relationships. Through skillful management, we aim to contribute significantly to clients' financial aspirations, solidifying Kapita's position as a beacon of trust and success.


Our investment philosophy.

With experience in managing within the startup world, Kapita's investment philosophy has a strong foundation in proven principles that guide our daily work methodology. These principles form the core of our strategic decision-making and contribute to enhancing the quality of our investments. Kapita has three fundamental principles that permeate the entire operation and are crucial to how we plan, act, and reason about our investments. Regardless of the type of portfolio or prevailing market conditions, our investors can rest assured that these principles govern our management and form the basis for our daily decisions at Kapita. These principles are the cornerstones of our investment philosophy and remain consistent regardless of market fluctuations.


01. Management expertise.

Kapita bases its management philosophy on extensive knowledge and experience from the startup world. The company focuses on industry insight and identifies megatrends that provide an advantage. By analyzing the market and technological innovations, Kapita makes well-founded investment decisions regardless of market changes.

02. Capital preservation.

Kapita focuses on capital preservation by managing risk and diversifying the portfolio to minimize losses. Including a startup company in the portfolio requires high expertise and a focus on the right megatrends. The company must also meet key attributes such as sound finances, an established market position, a strong business model, and an impressive return on invested capital. It is also important that owners and management teams are committed to the success of the company through personal ownership.

03. Sustainable perspective.

Kapita's investment philosophy is based on a long-term perspective where sustainable relationships are the key to success. They invest with care and responsibility in partnerships with companies, actively engaging in their growth and development. Kapita aims to create sustainable long-term growth that benefits both investors and portfolio companies, and is committed to shaping a future built on mutual success and long-term sustainability.

Stay informed, stay ahead.

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Stay informed, stay ahead.