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Siemiatkowski on Klarna: We are going to IPO.

Klarna has initiated intensive discussions with several leading banks regarding a potential stock market listing expected to take place during the third quarter. This information comes from the news agency Bloomberg, which has reported on Klarna's progress in this process.

Klarna has recently initiated detailed discussions with investment banks with the intention of being listed on the stock exchange in the USA. According to sources with insight, Klarna is aiming for a valuation of around $20 billion or SEK 205.9 billion. Despite ongoing discussions, there is a possibility of changes in both valuation and the timing of the listing. The reported figures from Bloomberg exceed the previous information from the British Sky News, which reported a valuation of $15 billion in November. At that time, the possibility of listing in the first half of 2024 was also indicated.

Investment company Creades adjusted the valuation of its stake in Klarna in early December, valuing Klarna as a whole at SEK 82 billion. Klarna has openly expressed its interest in a listing on Wall Street, and CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski has previously hinted that this could happen relatively soon.

Creades adjusted the valuation of its ownership stake in the "buy now, pay later" company in early December, leading to a total valuation of Klarna at SEK 82 billion. It is no secret that Klarna is aiming for a listing on Wall Street. Earlier this year, CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski suggested that a listing in the USA might be imminent.

"For my part, it is very clear that we are going to IPO."

- Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO at Klarna.

In a recently published interview with Dagens Industri (Di), Siemiatkowski once again confirms Klarna's intention to be listed on the stock exchange. He emphasizes that it is a commitment he has made and that the listing will take place within a reasonable timeframe. However, Klarna has chosen not to comment on the specific information reported by Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg & Dagens Industri